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You think you know, you have no idea
once they were here, now its like see ya
they sneak into your life, just like a creeper
the serpent playin pull n tug, tug o war, with your life
leading down a road of materialism and strife
whats one to do living in poverty and plight
gotta seek within to find hope and the light
to shine down upon the path that you’ve chosen ride
one where all humans can live in peace and unite
so you gotta learn love for self to give love back
paradigm needs to change, gotta get back on track
technology and spirituality can go hand in hand
that’s something we really need to understand
free energy is out there, so here’s the plan
Nikola Tesla had it from the start
Radiant energy can free us from the sharks
ya know the fat cats, that run this and that
free will is ours, time to take that back
can no longer remain stagnate, thats a fact
when push comes to shove, you know I’ll react
but I come with a different plan of attack
one that’ll get the wheels in your mind a turning
this is a lesson you should be learning
sit back and take 5, seed planted, feel it growing
thats your higher self, needing exploring
feed your soul, feed your mind, leave all of fear behind
trust me it works, gives you peace of mind
So find your inner light and let it shine

Say Something

I’ll be the one if you want me to
the one who will always love and be true
cause I cant see myself with another, I cherish you
my best friend, I give you my all
my words, my love, my body, my soul
to me, this is a love foretold
we chose to meet each other in this time and place
i love who you are, and there’s nothing id change
cause baby, i love it when we are face to face
when our lips meet, its my heart that sings
can your soul hear my song, my heart lays the beats
compassionate words, loving actions, coming from me
you feel like heaven, this isnt a dream
you have a smile that makes me melt
seriously, you give me new feelings ive never felt
before or with anybody else again, its truly amazing
like the glimmer in your eyes, im gazing
oh cant you see, our connection no mistaking
you have my love for the taking
to hold you in my arms feels so right
kissing your cheek, holding you tight
i could do this all throughout the night
i can see us living together, like life couldnt get any better
smiling so big right now as i write you this letter
not so sure what im writing is all that clever
so dont be afraid, we’ll make it through any weather
I’ll always be here for you, just remember
all I’m trying to say is, I’m going to love you forever


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